We are highly-skilled professionals who offer a full range of top quality services at every stage of the garment-making process, from the first pattern cutting and toile-making to producing final samples and small to medium quantity production runs.

↬ We have been providing pattern cutting and sample-making services and garment production to private fashion brands, startup fashion designers, independent boutiques and established fashion designers for over 10 years.  

Perfectly situated under one roof in a fully-equipped studio, the professional services that we offer are suited to the individual needs of the fashion designer, the services below, to help you with your designs:



Creative and skilled in a variety of pattern cutting techniques, our experienced pattern cutters can interpret your rough sketches or reference images and produce accurate patterns directly from physical garments, existing patterns or detailed technical specs, whether it’s making a simple skirt or amending an existing pattern.

↬ We work on everything from individual custom-made pieces to full collections for the catwalk, from manual pattern cutting, creative pattern cutting, through to block manipulation, draping and grading, all offered at your request.

During the pattern cutting process, we usually cut from inexpensive calico to make the toiles we use to check the shape of your garment’s design before cutting out and sewing using the desired fabric. Having spent many years in the industry, our pattern cutters are highly experienced in customising a pattern for any garment design.


To ensure the best results in our garment making, London Sewing Services Ltd provides you with a toile-making service and fitting sessions. This allows us to see that your garment design fits the body as is required and expected by the person for whom it is intended.

↬ The toile, which is the initial prototype of each garment, will be created in calico or a fabric similar to the final garment to be fitted on the body. In most cases, only one toile is needed.

Once we have prepared the toile, the next step is a fitting made on a suitable model to ensure that all parts of the garment measure exactly as they should. Detailed measurements will be taken of the model at each assessment and fit; comfort and aesthetics will be analyzed.


The sample-making team is ready to produce any type of sample of your garment. We provide high-quality sampling services, and our fully-experienced machinists are able to create your clothing samples in the form of prototypes, salesman or promotional samples from your designs, or specification sheets and patterns in any fabric of your choice.

↬ We offer a sampling service to make sure every part of the garment, from the trims and fit, is perfect before production. All our samples are produced with your future production orders in mind.

Whether you’re providing your own patterns or we are developing them for you, our fully-experienced machinists can create the samples in the final fabrics. From these, you’ll be able to see how the actual fabric reacts to the pattern, and we will be able to see the small amendments necessary to prepare the garment for production.


We offer complete cut, make and trim manufacturing services to the fashion industry. All manufacturing and production for small or medium-run production for any sized label or business is carried out by our experienced team on our premises in London.

↬ As a womenswear, menswear and kidswear garment manufacturer, we have much to be proud of in the creation and manufacturing of clothing produced by UK talent, and we work closely with a team of experienced machinists to provide high quality garments in low-minimum batch production.

Before production, our specialized team carefully selects and inspects each raw material, making sure they are all of the highest quality. We monitor all stages of the clothing manufacturing process, with equal attention given to a single garment sampling order or a small-to-medium production run, ensuring that the quality always meets the customer’s needs. Our team does everything to make pieces which are exact replicas of your samples, and we pay attention to minimising waste and maximising the efficiency of production.


Our extensive range of dressmaking services is the result of many years of working with different fabrics and patterns. Please note, we do not provide fabrics; however, we will advise you on choosing the best fabric for your garment, as well as discuss the right budget that suits you, and the deadline for completing your order.

↬ All of our garments are made in our studio based in North London, and every stage of the clothing manufacturing process goes is subject to our thorough quality control procedures. Also, in the development of your projects, can be provide technical advice and assistance.

Whether you’re a fashion student working on a degree show, a private individual looking for a special item of clothing, or an established designer or sustainable label, we provide the same highly flexible, professional and precise standards of service and quality to all. We will control all aspects of the production and timing.

↬ We can start working with you from any stage in your product’s lifecycle. If you have only initial sketches, first patterns for amending, or production patterns for made samples, we would love to hear from you and arrange a consultation in order to help you realise your ideas.

Once we have seen your designs and specification sheets, an accurate cost can be given.